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Height: 5'9" (175cm)   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Born in London and currently residing in Glasgow.​​ Able to play characters aged 25 to 35 years old, and Mediterranean or White looking appearance. Has an engaging and strong voice character and quality.



  • 2022, Chorus, DAVINA AND GOLIATH, Play Pie Pint, Dave Anderson

  • 2019, Gavin, LIGHT UP DUMYAT, The Walking Theatre Company, Sadie Dixon-Spain

  • 2018, Bertie, WATERS OF TIME, The Walking Theatre Company, Sadie Dixon-Spain

  • 2017, Adam, THE RETREAT, Tron 100, Karen Barclay

  • 2016, Andrew, SILVER AND GOLD, Tron 100, Amy Gilmartin

  • 2016, Dimitri, RUSSIAN ROULETTE, Tron 100, Bruce Downie

  • 2016, Fraser, THE METER IS RUNNING, Tron 100, Una McDade

  • 2016, Johnny, THE GRADUETTES, Theres Been A Murder, Sean Wilke

  • 2015, Jack, THE JOURNEY, Theatre&, Jeanette Percival

  • 2014, Laertes / Bernardo / Player King, HAMLET, Bard In The Botanics/ Wilderness Of Tigers, Gordon Barr / Alasdair Hunter

  • 2013, Mark Richardson, LOOK AT ME, PACE, Jenni Mason

  • 2013, THE POSSIBILITIES, Tron Theatre/ King's Head/ National Theatre Warsaw, Guy Hollands

  • 2012, Aris, THE DEVIL WEARS PRIMARK, Rubber Ear Productions (Cyprus Tour), Kathleen Ruddy

  • 2012, American Preacher/ Chorus, BRINK, The Arches (On The Verge), Bruce Strachan

  • 2011, Tam, THE SLOANS PROJECT, NOISE, James Robert Carson

  • 2011, Biscuit, FLEETO, Tumult In The Clouds (Pleasance Courtyard), Paddy Cunneen


  • 2023, Lumbergh, GMAC, 

  • 2021, Matt, EGG, A film by Daisy Jo Lucas, Dave Anderson 

  • 2019, Sam, COACHING: BEST PRACTICE, Amazon, Stuart Gilmartin

  • 2018, Robert, CONVERGENCE, Futuristfilm Productions, Steve Johnson

  • 2017, Olaf, WOLVES OF WINTER, Huma Bird Productions, Harris Redpath

  • 2017, George, FRAGMENTS, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Vincent Hunter

  • 2015, Prince Hal, DUAL /DUEL, Bards Pub Productions, Jason Vaughn

  • 2014, Alex, RAPACITY, A film by Naomi Phillips, Naomi Phillips

  • 2013, Young Father, THE GROUNDSMAN, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Grad film, Jonny Blair

  • 2013, Delivery Man, DOLLY'S HOUSE, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Grad film, Christopher Sneddon

  • 2013, Jeremy, BRIDGE INTO THE FUTURE, A film by Zsuzsanna Hatyka, Zsuzsanna Hatyka

  • 2012, Carter, THE ARRANGEMENT, Shooters, Moe Abutoq/ Stuart Davids

  • 2011, Fitzgerald, FALLING FOR FITZGERALD, A Film By Amy Hawes, Amy Hawes

  • 2011, Young Man, SUBWAY WAR, Riverside Museum, Joseph Briffa

  • 2011, Sam, BEHIND THE SCREENS, A Film By Julie D Dunn, Julie D Dunn

  • 2010, Topper Templeton, I FOUGHT THE LAW, Pixelboost (Glasgow University), George Scott

  • 2010, Mick, 3 LITTLE PIGS, A Film By James Brogan, James Brogan

Voice /


  • 2021, Bluey, VIGIL, BBC, Iain Anderson

  • 2020, Narrator, DIANETICS, Scientology, Claude Le Page

  • 2010, Various, HEDZ, BBC, Marcus Harben/ Dominic Macdonald

  • 2005, Graffiti Punk, JUST FOR LAUGHS (MULTIPLE EPISODES), BBC / Wild Rover, Alain Jacques

  • 2003, Alexander Scott, SEVEN WONDERS OF THE INDUSTRIAL WORLD, BBC, Christopher Spencer


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland BA Acting 2010 - 2013

California Institute of the Arts BFA Acting Exchange 2011 - 2012

Special Skills
  • Accents & Dialects: American-Standard, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, RP, Russian, Scottish-Standard

  • Languages: English

  • Music & Dance: Contemporary Dance, Guitar, Keyboards, Rock Singing, Tenor

  • Performance: Disc Jockey (DJ), Meisner Technique, Physical Theatre, Role Play, Theatre In Education, Voice Over

  • Sports: Fencing, Football, Horse-riding, Running, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Sky-Diving, Tai Chi, Thai Boxing, Yoga

  • Vehicle Licences:Car Driving Licence, TPH Private Hire Driver Licence

  • Other Skills: Fire Breathing, Improvisation, Juggling, Poi, Puppetry, Writer

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